Complex Divorce Warrants Sophisticated Counsel

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About Our Team

Phillips Jessner LLP is committed to providing Californians with exceptional representation through divorce, child custody, and asset valuation and division proceedings. Our team of seven attorneys works directly with clients to provide them with the rigorous analysis and specialized knowledge they need to resolve their family law disputes. Detail-oriented and trial-tested, we leverage decades of collective experience to provide cohesive guidance and effective solutions to complex legal matters.

You can learn more about each of our attorneys by clicking the links below:

Over the last two decades, Patricia Phillips and Gregory Jessner have carefully curated a team of attorneys and legal support staff hand-picked from California’s largest firms.

Our cohesion and experience enable us to provide effective and nuanced legal guidance through unique, multifaceted matters.

Our Precision And Professionalism Provide Solutions

The emotional complexity of divorce or other family law conflicts is only compounded when parents’ rights, international jurisdictions, closely-held businesses or other significant assets are involved.

Our attorneys’ reputation for insightful analysis and assertive representation can be particularly valuable for clients who are navigating a range of family law matters, including, but not limited to:

  • Child custody disputes between parents residing in different countries, which may involve competing jurisdictions or allegations of abduction
  • Divorces or separations involving complex assets, such as luxury properties or vehicles, extensive investment portfolios, or ownership of corporations or professional practices
  • Litigation concerning high-profile individuals, such as entertainers, athletes and licensed medical or legal professionals
  • Pre- or postnuptial agreements
  • Third parties joined to litigation, in which a business or trust is sued as a distinct entity in family law litigation

Our willingness to engage with difficult legal questions through focused research, knowledge of past cases, and deep understanding of your present situation can enable us to find precise, creative solutions to your legal matter. As lifelong students of our profession with a record of innovation and adaption, we are unintimidated by novel scenarios or high-stakes litigation.

Learn How Our Counsel Can Assist You

Complex family law matters warrant sophisticated legal counsel. To determine whether the services of Phillips Jessner LLP may be appropriate for your matter, contact our Los Angeles office. You may call 213-687-2650 to arrange a consultation.